100+ ways to make money and cash as a student

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Here's the ultimate guide to cashing in with MORE than 100 ways to make money.

Learn the best ways to make extra cash from online surveys to jobs, savings and lots more you've never thought of.



Use website SwagBucks to earn cash answering surveys. You can also build up rewards by watching adverts, searching the web and even playing games. These rewards can be turned into plain cash (via Paypal) or vouchers for various online stores such as Amazon.

Inbox Pounds

As the name would suggest, Inbox Pounds allows you to make money just be reading emails! You can earn more cash online easy by just completing surveys, as well as by watching video ads and searching the website. Paid surveys will reward anything from £1 to £5.


YouGov’s surveys generally take 5-7 minutes to complete and will reward you with so-called YouGov points. And what do points mean? PRIZES! You can enter your points into a monthly prize draw to win up to £2,000 in cash.

TV reviews

Have your say on what you watch on the telly and hear on the radio with Gfk Media View and a bunch of prizes, vouchers or cash could be coming your way.


Give your say on brands and products with Toluna who reward you with gifts, cash, and test products.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another survey website and pays out at just £2.50 via Paypal.

Google Opinion Rewards

This won't get you direct cash in hand but for Android users you can get Google Play credits with Google's own Opinion Rewards App: Download Google Opinion Rewards for Android

Sell stuff

Let's start off with something simple: Sell up. You may be shocked to find out what people will pay you for.

Music Magpie

Use Music Magpie to make money from everything from CDs to electronics.


Sell pretty much anything (within reason!) on Gumtree.

Sell custom T-shirts

Website Zazzle allows you to make money by selling unique T-shirts and hoodies online from home, with no costs or risks to you. You can raise cash for yourself or for good charitable causes

Sell your books

Hit up the Amazon Marketplace or new students to shift your old textbooks plus any others you might have lying around that you no longer read.

Sell your revision notes

Note Sale allows you to make cash from your old lecture and revision notes. You can upload your own notes and set a price, ranging from pence to pounds, and will keep 75% of all cash made. The site covers everything from GCSE to degree level, so you may want to dig up your old school work to turn into money!

Sell stories

Newspapers and magazines will pay good cash for news stories and you'd be surprised just what they'll consider newsworthy, even if you don't. A frontpage story on the tabloids will make you thousands but even a small piece in a weekly magazine could be worth a few hundred quid.

Check out websites Talk To The Press and Sell Us Your Story who do all the hard work for you.

Cash for Clothes

If you’re doing a wardrobe clear out then be sure to turn your old clothes into cash. Website Return To Earn offers a completely free door step service meaning you don’t even have to leave your house, providing you with bags and taking your clothes away for you.

Sell your HAIR

You can make cash by selling your hair for use in wigs and other products. Bloomsbury Wigs’ guide prices range from £15-£60 for 10-12 inches up to £200 for more than 19 inches.

eBay it

eBay is a great place to sell all sorts but collectables in particular where you can get some serious money. You may also be surprised by just how much people will pay for something, who knew people collected tax discs?!

Get cash for ink cartridges

You can turn ink cartridges into money, whether they're empty or full. See Ink2Cash for all you need to know.

Sell food

Get baking and sell cakes or other food at local events like car boot sales, fetes, and such. The mark up is huge on what started as a few pence of flour and sugar.

Sell crafts on Etsy

If you're a creative person, you can make a killing on Etsy with your crafts whether it's painting, printing, woodwork or knitting.

Get your tweets sponsored

If you've got a following on Twitter (and you don't need to be Kim Kardashian!) you can cash in with SponsoredTweets.com

Trade in old video games and DVDs for cash

Hit the high street with your video games and DVDs and trade them in for money or credit at exchange stores like CEX or Replay.


With Fiverr you can sell pretty much any idea you can think of: One such ‘service’ on offer at the time of writing is a bloke offering to rub chocolate syrup on his belly and sing happy birthday in his underwear... and he’s made over $1,000 from it!

Sell stuff at car boot sales

It's not just online you can get rid of your stuff, you can make cash by shifting it at car boot sales or garage sales. You can make more, don't have to worry about fees or bother with postage and packaging.

Shift scrap

Look online for local scrap dealers who may pay for what you consider rubbish. Whether it's a clapped out old car, broken fridge or just some random metal.

Get money to recycle

Aluminium cans can be turned into money - see here for all the info

Sell gold

You can make money from gold and jewellery with various websites and high street shops. Get quotes and see who offers you the best price before committing.


Shpock describes itself as the boot sale app for beautiful things, a way of buying and selling your things quickly to other people around you. Basically an online car boot sale.

Grab freebies and sell them

Pick up free stuff from places like Gumtree and freecycle and sell them on for a profit.

Publish an eBook

This one takes some effort but find a niche and you could do quite well for yourself and. You can publish an eBook online direct through Amazon.

Sell your pictures and videos

Pictures of news events alone can be worth thousands of pounds. Whether it's a candid celebrity snap, a picture of a crime scene or just a funny animal video, the papers and magazines may be interested.

See Talk To The press for somewhere to sell your pics and clips.

You've Been Framed

It's still on the telly and it's still giving away £250 for every clip broadcast - Upload here.

Sell your face

Some might not believe the bare-faced cheek (GEDDIT?) of the idea, but it has worked. Back in 2012, ex Cambridge students Ed Moyse and Ross Harper paid off their University debts by selling advertising space on their own faces; painting company logos on their cheeks and foreheads.

Sell ad space on your car

You can make money by selling ad space on your car, earning up to £100 a month - check out Car Quids for more.

Sell holiday snaps

You can turn your holiday snaps (or photos in general) into cash via Stock Image websites. They’ll need to be high quality and appealing – so that SnapChat selfie is out – but even if you’re only okay with a camera you can make some money from websites like fotolia.

Sell your old phone

See our guide on selling your mobile phone to find out which site pays the most, you can get over £100!

Random ways to earn cash

We're not quite sure how to categorize these...

Make money from your blog

Cash in on visitors to your website or blog with ads, check out our making money with Adsense guide to get started and some top tips.

Get easy compensation

If you've been delayed on a plane or train over the past few years you may be entitled to some easy compensation. Find information here for flights and here for trains.


Search the web for various free competitions. There's of course no guarantee you'd get anything but most take a second or two to enter and if you do strike it lucky the pay out could be huge.

Earn cash on YouTube

Whether it's pranks, singing or just vlogging your daily life, upload videos to YouTube and monetise them to cash in on viewers.

Test products

You can get paid to test products or even be given new products completely for free, from phones to beauty treatments. Sign up to websites like ProductTesting.uk.com and cross your fingers you’ll be chosen to test out some of the latest gadgets which will be yours to keep!

Become a research participant

Profile Academic will pay you to take part in written research studies with payouts of around per each completed task.

Medical testing

You can make thousands of pounds by taking part in clinical medical trials. These can be risky so think carefully before agreeing but you can make £10,000 or more. See some upcoming trials here.

Free lotteries

The Free Postcode lottery is just that. A free lottery! The prize is 'only' £100, although that can roll over if no one claims it. Enter now at PickMyPostcode.com.

Become a TV extra

While becoming a big screen sensation is unlikely, there is quite a bit casual extra work out there and Universal Extras is casting agency that is free to sign up to, with a minimum age limit of 16.

Taste food... get paid

Join a good tasting panel and get paid to review new food products and meals. Websites to consider signing up to include TastingFood.co.uk and FGUK.

Give away O2 SIM cards

O2's Start Trader programme will give you 500 free sim cards. You give them away however you please and earn commission on every activation.

Profit from 'Refer a Friend' schemes

Use Refer Me Happy to take advantage of companies' 'Refer a Friend' scheme to get cash, vouchers and freebies.

Matched betting

Matched Betting is a pretty complex but once you get the hang of it it's guaranteed money, taking advantage of introductory offers from bookmakers. There are lots of resources online but Wikipedia is a good starting point.

Solve a challenge

Websites like Innocentive and Idea Connection offer BIG money (like up to MILLIONS OF POUNDS BIG) for solving research problems. They're extremely technical and require lots of expertise, but if it happens to be your field and you've an idea to fix the issue at hand you could be set for a while.

Pose as a life model

If you’re comfortable enough you can earn some good money by posing as a nude life model, although it’s harder than it looks.

Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart gives you cash back just for doing your usual grocery shopping! Take advantage of their offers in stores, snap a picture of your receipt to prove the purchase and earn cashback rewards.

Become an ‘underage’ shopper

18 or 19 year olds can become secret ‘underage’ shoppers to test shop’s ID asking protocols. Company Serve Legal pays teens to buy age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco from bars and supermarkets, and to test if they are asked for ID when placing bets and buying lottery tickets.

Become a tour guide

If you’re up to the challenge, you can offer tours of your city to tourists for cash. Find out more on vayable.com.

Get cash back online

Websites like QuidCo offer you cashback when you shop through them giving you a percentage of any products or services you buy from groceries to insurance. See our guide to the best cashback sites for more tips.

Rate music

Earn some extra cash by writing music reviews for websites such as Slice The Pie which has paid out over $1,000,000 in rewards already.


Making money isn't always easy.

Get a student job

From stewarding one-off events to waiting in restaurants, there's plenty of short term, temporary student jobs around that you get into instantly. See our student jobs guide for some top websites to search for work.

Make and sell stock content

Whether it's web templates, photos, graphics or music, the Envato Marketplaces allow you to publish and sell stock web content for use by professionals in various projects.

Create a mobile app

Could you make the next Flappy Bird? Mobile apps can make MILLIONS if they take off so if you've got a good idea and are into programming, be sure to consider it.

Become a mystery shopper

Make cash by becoming a UK mystery shopping for market research companies like MarketForce. You can make around £10 per trip, plus you can often keep the products you buy (for which you're reimbursed for!).

Teach English online

You can become an English (or other language) teacher for cash all online, giving lessons over video chat to people all across the world. Apply on iTalki.

Be a Microworker

Take on rather boring and repetitive but simple tasks like data entry on Microworkers, with a $9 payout limit via PayPal.

Work for a charity

Fund-raise for charities and you can earn a commission on sign ups. See Wesser for current job opportunities.

Design logos and graphics

If you're into graphic design check out 99designs where big money is offered by companies looking for new logos or branding. You submit your pitch and if it's picked get paid.


From blog posts to recipes, write content for the web with Copify.

Work as a TaskRabbit Tasker

Whether it's washing, ironing, painting or decorating, do casual work around someone else's house for cash with TaskRabbit. Currently London area only.

Become a freelance interviewer

Earn up to £10 an hour as a freelance interviewer with NatCen. You'd conduct personal or phone interviews on a variety of topics.

Enjoy being a club promoter

Make cash by promoting club nights. Check out for such jobs in the local newspaper, Gum Tree, or a club's website or Facebook page.

Be a model

Make money by becoming a model without having to ever hit the catwalk. You can make cash from posing for art to becoming a 'dummy' for make up artists or hair stylists.


If you can sing or play an instrument, try a bit of busking. Depending where you live you may need a license and/or may only be able to do it in certain areas, so check first. Once you've got the okay then you can make quite a bit of money for a day's work... if your talent is up to it!

Test websites and apps

UserTesting.com offers $10 to test websites or mobile apps for around 15 minutes.

Fruit picking

Get seasonal farm jobs like fruit picking or warehouse work over the summer months - check out websites Fruitful Jobs and Picking Jobs for roles.

Kids party entertainer

Whether it's dressing up as princess, face painting or a magic act, you can make money on the side by entertaining kids (or even adults) at parties.

Answer questions

Get paid to work for websites like Just Answer, answering questions to boost your monthly income.

Shift catalogue products

Sign up to programmes like Avon or MyShowcase and sell their products to friends and neighbours.

Be part of a focus group

Get paid anywhere from £40 to £400 for taking part in product focus groups, see ResearchOpinions.co.uk to sign up.


Get paid for just talking? Sure! ContentGather will pay you for posting messages and comments on forums and blogs across the internet. The exchange puts commentators in touch with website owners looking to build content and interaction on their forums and blogs.

Become a tutor

Turn your knowledge into cash by offering up lessons. Whether it be just some casual help to your family friends, or starting your own full business, becoming a tutor can make you some easy cash in just a few hours. Post jobs on sites like First Tutors for free to find extra clients and parents who may be looking for help for their children in the local area.

Become a 'Mechanical Turk'

If you're really bored then this could be an opportunity to turn that boredom into cash. Not lots of cash, but cash none the less. You're paid to complete basic tasks as requested, with a few pence in reward. The tasks don't usually require much effort or time, and the money can quickly build up for an hour's work. get more info at Amazon!

Work as an exam invigilator

Check out local job listings in the summer to become an exam invigilator in your local school, college or university. These temporary jobs can pay surprisingly well, usually need no qualifications or experience, and it's pretty easy for an afternoon's work if very boring.

Baby sitting

Baby sitting is a typical job for youngsters and can pay quite well. They're jobs that pretty much anyone can do on a casual basis for family and friends to make some quick cash. Be sure to network and build up some good references to get more jobs in future.

Pet sitting and walking

If you're good with animals pet sitting and walking for friends and strangers can be a money maker. Check out Tailster for jobs with dogs in particular.

House sit

House sitting is another option for money, being paid to look after a house while the owners are away. TrustedHouseSitters.com is a good place to look for opportunities across the world.

Become a freelancer

Turn your talent into a job by becoming a freelancer. Whether it's photography or web design, you can make money doing work for others and boost your CV at the same time, and you never know it may even turn into a full time job for you too. See our being a freelancer tips.

Rent stuff

When it comes to parts of your home or flat, if you rent then always check with your landlord and/or letting agent first.

Rent a room on AirBNB

You can make cash by renting out a room in your home or even your garden on AirBnB to visitors.

Rent out space for storage

If you've a spare room, attic, shed or garage then you could rent it the space out as a storage locker. You can post an ad for free on StoreMates.

Rent your items

Rent My Items allows you to rent out pretty much anything: From pressure washers to cameras, PA and sound systems to costumes.

Rent your friendship

Yup, you can rent your friendship. The website FilmAtMyHouse.com does exactly what it says in the URL and allows you to sell your time as a pal, purely platonically.

Rent your parking space

If you've got a parking space you're not using then be sure to see if you can make some cash by renting it out. If you live near popular attractions such as train stations or football stadiums you can make quite a bit from your unused land!

MORE: > Make money from your driveway by renting it out for cash

Rent your home for filming

You can rent out your house or flat for filming, but check with your landlord first if you're renting. See My House Your Shoot for more information.

Make money on your mobile

Various apps to make cash from!


FieldAgent (App Store link) is a mobile app that offers users mini jobs to complete. Tasks you can take up include taking photos, checking prices of products in shops or scanning barcodes and QR codes


AppTrailers shows you short video trailers of new apps you may want to download and install. Each trailer that you watch earns money,


Roamler is all based around anonymous product and service testing, to check a brand or product's success in the marketplace.

Get money with photo missions

Almost every one has a camera in their back pockets nowadays with smartphones and apps like Clic and Walk (App Store link) allow you to earn money by completing 'photo missions' in stores or at home.

Tax & Savings

Get a good ISA

A Cash ISA is the best risk-free savings account you can get so even if you've not got much cash spare, open one anyway. Always be on the look out for a good deal and don't be afraid to switch for the best interest rates.

Get uniform costs paid for

If you have to wear a uniform as part of your job you can claim a tax debate.

Get a tax rebate

If you've been working as a student you may have paid more tax than you need to - see the Gov.UK website for more information.

Get tax relief if you work from home

If you work from home as part of your job you can claim tax relief. If you work more than 25 hours self-employed a month, you can claim expenses.

Supermarket saving clubs

Christmas savings clubs at Supermarkets can pay far more interest than most bank savings accounts, especially if you hit your yearly ISA limit. You typically put in £10 or so every month or week then cash out your savings, plus extra at Christmas.

Get a refund on your TV license

You can potentially get a 25% refund off your TV Licence if you go back home for the summer - see TV license refund information here!

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