Smart Side Hustles for Students in 2024

Side Hustles

With the cost of living, many are increasingly looking for ways to earn extra money.

Side hustles not only provide a financial cushion but also offer valuable work experience, helping students to build their resumes and develop professional skills. Here are some popular side hustles that are ideal for students, offering flexibility and the potential for growth.

1. Paid Surveys and more with SwagBucks - £10 sign up bonus available!

Swagbucks has paid out more than £300 million to its users to date for filling out surveys.

You can complete the online tasks sat home in front of the TV or perhaps on the bus on the way to school. And it's not just surveys, you can also make money from playing games, searching the web or answering polls.

Payment is available via Paypal or a series of gift cards including Amazon, M&S, Tesco and many more.

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2. Freelance work via Upwork or Fiverr

Websites such as Upwork and Fiverr allow you to make extra money from talent and spare time by taking on projects from all over the world.

From writing to photoshop, making TikTok videos to coding, it's a great way side hustle to earn not just some extra cash but also gain work experience and make connections.


3. Online tutoring

If you excel in a particular subject, online tutoring can be a rewarding side hustle. Platforms such as MyTutor connect tutors with students in need of assistance.

This role not only pays well but also reinforces your own knowledge and teaching skills. Plus, it's flexible enough to fit around your academic schedule.


4. Deliver food

If you've got access to a bicycle or e-bike, delivering food for apps like Deliveroo, Just Eat or UberEats can make you some extra cash.

We wouldn't suggest using a car as the insurance is likely to be too expensive to make it worthwhile.


5. E-commerce and reselling

The rise of e-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Depop has made it easier than ever to start a reselling business.

Whether you're selling handmade crafts, vintage clothing, or even books, there's a market for almost everything. This side hustle requires some initial effort in sourcing products and setting up your store, but it can be highly profitable and scalable.

(Just make sure you're aware of HMRC!)


6. Content creation

For the creatively inclined, content creation offers a platform to express oneself while earning money.

Starting a YouTube channel, blog or podcast can seem daunting at first, but with dedication, it can turn into a lucrative venture.

Monetisation strategies include advertising revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.


7. Pet sitting and dog walking

For animal lovers, pet sitting or dog walking can be a heartwarming and profitable side hustle.

Apps like Rover and Tailster connect pet owners with reliable pet sitters and dog walkers. This is not only a great way to earn money but also to spend time with pets if you're unable to have one yourself due to living arrangements or schedule constraints.


8. Transcribe audio

Websites like Scribie will pay you to transcribe audio. Payment is made via Paypal


9. Language translation

Fluency in more than one language can open doors to translation work. Many companies and individuals need documents, websites, and audio translated into different languages.

Websites like Translated can connect you with clients in need of translation services.


10. Part-time jobs

Traditional part-time jobs, such as working in retail, hospitality, or administrative roles, remain a reliable source of income for students.

These roles offer the advantage of a stable income and can sometimes lead to opportunities within your field of study. Local job listings and university job boards are great places to start your search.

About the author: Thomas Brella

Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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