15 Life Saving Tips for University Freshers to Survive Your First Week

From staying healthy to studying, here are fifteen life saving tips to survive your first week at University.

As 2017 Freshers week nears, here's how to cope with your very first few days at University.

Never hit snooze again

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Set your timetable to your phone's lock screen

iphone timetable
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When moving in, don't forget the basics

Especially underwear. Seriously: Pack pretty much all you have, then go buy some more and pack that too. You’ll be surprised how much you get through and if you’re unlucky enough not to have a washing machine (and even then), how long you’ll put off cleaning it.

But don't take the whole house

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You don't to bring everything you own to University, be sensible. Check what's provided in your halls before you go.

Try to socialise

Even if you're the most introverted person on the planet, still try and make friends with your flat mates. When moving, be sure to keep your door open and say hello to those who are joining you.

Avoid the freshers flu

fresher's flu
Combine lots of new people from all over the world mingling with lots of drink, hangover food and little sleep: Fresher's week is a breeding ground for hygiene issues and it even has a name. Here's how to avoid Fresher’s flu.

Buy a pair of cheap shoes

Some of the clubs around student towns and cities can be pretty nasty, you don't want to be wearing your best shoes there. Same goes for paint, powder, foam parties and the like, so get yourself a pair of cheap plimsolls that can be wrecked to wear out.

Colour code your books

colour code books
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Give a presentation like a boss

A sneaky trick: Ask a pal to quiz you when giving a presentation with a question you can answer to show off.

Get RefMe

RefMe is an online tool and smartphone app that makes references a breeze. A serious must for Uni students.

Learn how to look after yourself

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Ask your parents or hit the internet: Find out how to do what you don't know such as washing, ironing and in general keeping yourself alive.

Grab ALL the freebies

If it's free, take it, even if you don't need it. Even if it's just a pen, it's one you won't have to buy in future. You can also get loads of free stuff online, from food to toiletries so you don't have to spend money at all.

> Here’s how to get free stuff without being scammed

Take some cash

A good bit of cash is a must for Fresher's week, especially if you've yet to set up your student bank account. Once at University, check out the free places to get cash out - NEVER accept getting charged for using your own money.

Make your halls less boring

post it note wallpaper
University halls aren't the most inspiring places but you can improve them quite a bit on a budget. > 12 imaginative and thrifty ways to improve your student flat or halls

Learn to cook for yourself

Search out some student recipes to feed yourself without having to rely on ready meals and takeaways: > 19 Ultimate Freshers' week survival recipes

About the author: Thomas Brella

Thomas Brella is the founder of Student Hacks, starting the website in 2013 while studying at the University of Brighton to share tips and tricks on life as a cash-strapped student. He's now spent over 10 years scoping out the best ways to live on a budget

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