10 amazing fast food and takeaway hacks you need to try

Spruce up your fast food and takeaways with these awesome tricks.

Secret menu items

Uncover secret menu items from your favourite places with Hack The Menu. Results may be patchy depending on your local restaurant.

The apple pie McFlurry

pie mcflurry
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Mix a McDonald's hot apple pie with a McFlurry for the ultimate dessert.

Chicken nugget salad

nugget salad
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Chicken nuggets + side salad = one yummy and tasty snack.

The 'Mc10:35'

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Rock up at McDonalds when the menu changes over from breakfast and enjoy this specialty burger.

Reheat leftovers the right way

pizza hacks 1
For best results, reheat your pizza slices by frying in a pan rather than in the microwave. On the topic of microwaves, when you do use them for leftovers make a hole in the centre of your food for a more even reheating.

Big mac 'salad'

fast food mcdonalds hacks 3
Turn a Big Mac meal into a 'salad'... of sorts. Pour the chips into the empty side of the burger box and cut up the Big Mac and add on top then eat together with a fork.

Get more ketchup

fast food hack
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Make use of those tiny tomato ketchup pots.

Enjoy your canned drink properly

fast food hack 2
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Keep your straws in your drinks under control.

Cheap deals at new takeaways

burger fries fast food
Take advantage of Hungry House's 'new tastes' promotion to get 20% off your first order from new takeaway restaurants.

Gourmet fries

fast food mcdonalds hacks 1
Make fries less boring with 'gourmet' toppings. Add your favourite salad dressings, other meat, veg, cheese, etc.

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